Wednesday, February 28, 2007

EDM #26 - draw anything you like

5x7, dry pastels on bristol vellum

I decided to try out some new chalk pastels as I've only worked in oil pastels to date. Normally I do a light sketch before laying down any of the medium but I wanted to achieve a loose, impressionist style to portray this beautiful Kalanchoe plant. It was a quick & relaxing sketch and a wonderful reminder that Spring is on the way =)

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Illustration Friday - Communication

9x12 - prismacolor pencils on smooth 100lb bristol

There were a lot of ways to go with this because there are lots of ways to communicate. =)

However, I went with the obvious (or not) form of communication - through art. As artists we strive to get our messages, thoughts, feelings, opinions, whatever - out into the world via our medium of choice. And if you're a parent as well, you're also communicating to your child/ren how important art is - in your life and others by sharing your work with them, making art together or taking them to exhibits, galleries or museums. (Also I think that Americans for the Arts commercial "Art - ask for more" sends a very cool message to kids and parents)

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Still-life sketch - "oranges in red netting" (cont'd)

Continuing on with my sketch to show how it finished up. The netting took the longest to work in and although I could have added in shading for it as well, I decided to leave it as is for now. Quick mention: it really helped to have my red pencil super sharp at all times when doing the netting - electric pencil sharpeners are the only way to go!

Step 3 - netting almost complete and shading started....

Step 4 - finished piece: netting completed, shadows deepened, highlights brightened

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Still-life sketch - "oranges in red netting"

I've seen a few artists post works in progress and always find their process interesting, plus I think it's very cool to see something "come to life". Therefore I thought I would share a current sketch step by step (well mostly, I regret that I didn't scan the initial graphite sketch and/or the process of shading of at least one of the oranges, next time...)

This is a fairly simple still-life but it has a lot of detail...

Step 1 - shows the oranges completed and a faint outline sketch of the netting that two of them are wrapped in

Step 2 - you can see how I've started the netting and am working my way across...

After I finish the netting, I'll work on the shading and with some tweaking, it's done! Will post the final steps and of course the finished piece, so check back if you want to see how it all comes together....

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Illustration Friday - Gravity

9x12 prismacolor pencils on Rives BFK 120 lb paper

My offering for this weeks theme: Gravity - or rather a "lack of" was fun & interesting to concept out a fantasy surreal type illo, first one for me =)

Happy IF and have a great weekend!

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday - *Heart Art*

Fresh paint for my first Inspire Me Thursday submission- not because it's hearts which are a fave of mine and always seem to find their way into my work - but because I finally got around to it! I've seen links to IMT all over the place and went there a few times and thought "I have to get back here and look around..." It's an inspiring, purposeful and creative place with a zen-like atmosphere where you can connect with other mixed media artists and are encouraged to play to your hearts content - love it, I'll be going back for more =)

"From this, the treasure secretly gathered in your heart will become evident through your creative work." - Albrecht Dürer, German artist

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

EDM #48 - resolution: aromatherapy & art

"draw something that represents your new year's resolution or goal"

I accomplished capturing 2 of my resolutions for 2007 in this sketch: take more time to relax & meditate and to draw daily. This candle was a christmas gift, Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy in Lavender, my fave - very soothing and aromatic.

This sketch was my first attempt at depicting glass and reflections, I didn't achieve the full effects or shading properly but I think I have a good grasp to try it again. I had a hard time with some parts of the candle as it was lit and glowing while I sketched it. The grey used for the candle's darker tones was not quite right for it - maybe a shade with a hint of brown would have been more suitable, have made a note to get some new colors to add to my growing stash of prismacolors.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Artwords Topic #39 - "Breath"

10x10, watercolor, ink, graphite, color pencil

A moody, somewhat dark (for me) interpretation for breath.

Most of my work tends to be "fluff and flowers" so this was unexpected and even though I wasn't feeling particularly somber, it just sort of came out. I think it had to do with how many things lie sleeping right now under all the snow of winter (at least where I am), slumbering through a short "death", waiting to be reborn in spring. This brought me to thinking of life: living, breathing and death: dying, taking a last breath, and the birds associated with death and dying: crows/ravens.

The image I drew & then painted, was brought about from memory, the unsnowy (sp?) view from a back window, where crows can be seen during summer months. Even though I don't believe in superstitions much or the rhymes or folklore that go with them, I always draw a short breath when I spot these ominous birds and automatically play the rhyme out in my head:

One for sorrow, two for mirth,
Three for a wedding, four for a birth,
Five for silver, six for gold,
Seven for a secret not to be told.

or this one:

One for sadness, two for mirth;
Three for marriage, four for birth;
Five for laughing, six for crying;
Seven for sickness, eight for dying;
Nine for silver, ten for gold;
Eleven a secret that will never be told.

At least the piece finished up on a positive note as I realized when I was done, that there were 5 crows =)

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Illustration Friday - Sprout

Mixed media - watercolor & color pencil

"Never give up on your hopes and dreams for they sprout from the seeds in your soul. Even the smallest sprout can thrive with persistance and determination. " - Laura Taylor Mark

I went with the plant interpretation of sprout for this, needed some practice in watercolor and wanted to try some landscape backgrounds (I'll have to wait a bit for the snow to go here locally, but hey the groundhog didn't see his shadow - yay!)

Anyhow, this is my humble offering - happy illustration friday & have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

EDM #24 - draw a piece of fruit

I love apples, so it was easy to decide which fruit I wanted to draw. plus the winter season brings an abundance of my fave the "braeburn" variety our way without having to buy the whole orchard (wink)

I kept the palette muted & soft with the apple getting all of my attention for the most part. The olive green cloth peaked my interest here and there but all the textures just didn't do anything for me. I'm finding that the more I draw, the more selective I am, ie. as in what i'm willing to invest time in to explore

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