Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vintage Finds, Latest Project & News

EDIT 06/08/07: For Kathleen as promised! My Doulton dolls - and actually I do have another one not shown in this pic, she has the flower for March on her skirt (for my daughter) also signed and same size as the smaller one shown here at the left. I love the large one to the right as she also has the 'Lavender Rose' pattern but in a more fuller version. The doll behind those two is in the collection because of her name, 'Laura' :)

Okay so it''s been a few weeks since I posted here (where did the time get to?!) so I wanted to share some things before I get wrapped up in the holiday weekend!

First off: a few of my finds from a day of thrifting during my Art & Soul trip, shown with some treasured items and a small WIP. The WIP is the canvas with the 2 brooches sitting on top. I came across this really cool idea in BHG (not Romantic Homes as pictured but I just LOVE that magazine for it's great ideas too!) Anyhow, the teacup and swirl brooch were my grandmother's and the crown pin was an estate sale find from a few years back. And actually I had a serendipitous moment when I realized that the pin is in the form of a "C" for crown :) I still have to add the detailing around the brooches then attach them to the canvas. To display it, I'm thinking of adding a length of vintage ribbon for hanging.

Second: the crocheted and embroidered linens are just amazing in handiwork don't you think?! I've always been in awe of those who can crochet! (that would be my Mom, she amazes me how she just spins those things up - she made me a few of the blue & white crocheted cloths below, they have a wonderful waffle-weave texture and are made from a wonderfully thick, sumptuous cotton)

Third: I got an email yesterday with the subject line: Congratulations Somerset Artist! I have to tell you I thought it was some kind of spam (lol) cause I've never had any work accepted for publication in Somerset Studio Magazine before - and well actually I've never been brave enough to send any of my work in!!! I'm thrilled they accepted it as this was my first submission so I wasn't sure what to expect. It's going to be in the July/August issue and was submitted for the *Nature Preserved* call for art.

EDIT: I took a quick pic of it but it's not great as it was taken w/ my old dinosaur 2 megapixel camera but hehe got an 8 megapix now so I'll retake the pic and post it again as my artwork just came back from the magazine.

Have a great Memorial day-kick off to summer- weekend everyone!

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Art & Soul 2007 - 1st Class: PLASTER

Yes that was the name of this class and what fun it was getting plastered (couldn't resist that one!) This was my first class at the retreat and Stephanie Lee made it a wonderful experience. She is an AMAZING teacher and shared her techniques and tips so openly!! She did a few demos then told us to just go for it. Working with plaster is a bit of trial & error and experimenting on your own as some key factors figure into this medium:

1. drying times vary because of moisture levels in your studio and where you live
2. how you mix the actual plaster as it's mostly by eye measuring
3. items you're casting, as larger pieces and 2-sided sculptures require more time

Although I started the concept of this piece in class (see 3rd pic down off to the right), the final work below ended up being quite different in that I didn't use any paper images in it. I wanted a totally sculpted & painterly fresco look to this and I think I achieved it. We started by adding a plaster surface to our substrate - plywood as it seems to resist warping best. The antique key and doorknob were from a closet door at home and they were cast separately then added on. The bricks and door were molded by hand with the design drawn/etched in right on the piece and finally I went in with layers of glazing paints to create the mood.

The pics below show Stephanie (being shy so I pointed her out, hehe!) and some of the artists w/ their pieces. Most artists finished their pieces there, some wanted to finish them back in their studios. I still can't believe how everyone's work was so different and all the many pieces that were created, such beautiful and varied work and so very inspiring!

Special note: i didn't get the artists' names for these so if anyone sees their piece pictured here, I'd be happy to put your name & a link, just let me know :)

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Art & Soul - Recap, Charms & Trades

Okay so this is my first official post since coming back from A&S. I will be covering the classes I took individually and posting the art that I made in each so stay tuned for that. I still don't feel like my feet have touched the ground and actually find myself still unpacking supplies and getting reorganized :)

Overall I would have to say that the retreat was a very positive experience for me - I met so many wonderfully talented & creative souls in one place - the atmosphere was quite magical and soooo inspiring!!! I only completed one (1) of my pieces there but I learned a lot of different techniques and processes, as well as which products to use for optimum results to finish them in my studio.

There was quite a mix of new and seasoned mixed media artists at this retreat which was great, but I came away from it feeling like the organizers should have in some way - either through a beginner's class or stating in class descriptions that a prerequisite was required for certain classes - addressed the issue of anyone new to this medium or mixed media retreats in general. From what I learned by talking with others, new and experienced, they expressed concern that it didn't get covered either. So.....Glenny or any of the others heading Art & Soul, if this info ever reaches you, please take note!! Actually I will most likely send in my feedback, suggestions etc. as I think this will help them make the whole retreat experience positive for everyone :)

Someone mentioned that Old Navy had cool necklaces to put the charms on so I was thrilled (and also very lucky as this was the last one there!) and couldn't believe how well the bead colors and heart charms fit with the swap charms!

Trading was HUGE there and I only had a handful of charms to trade but I got some really cool ones in exchange. I heard "Are you trading?" everywhere for the first couple of days at the retreat - in elevators, at the lounge, going to & at classes etc. etc.
Some of the trades below were from the following artists: Amber Coffey of Amber Art Studio (my charm swap hostess) ATC, bottom left; Mary Ford charm swap participant - ATC upper left; Sally Canzineri - "whatever" mini-book; Jill Beninato (shared a table w/her at one of my classes, she's also a very talented photographer too) - "Love Bird" ATC; Jill Die - pincushion bracelet; Brenda Bliss Delaney also in the charm swap - paper & fiber earrings. Thanks ladies!!!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm back!!!

mixed media collage, fabriano, 11x15

Finally home and much to share - will post pics and details as soon as I come back down to earth! :)

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