Saturday, August 04, 2007

New blog - a tailored line

It's been hard keeping 2 blogs going, so for now all of my new work and updates can be found at:

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

WIP Update & Published!

Published!!! Just received my complimentary copy this week with my artwork in it! The layout is superb I think with my piece in the middle of the page - it really stands out as the other pieces are a bit darker in tone. The photographers at Somerset did a fantastic job as always displaying everyone's work. I did scan the page w/ my piece on it so I'd have a digi copy too, but because I don't have the other artist's permission to post their artwork here, you'll have to check out this issue yourself to see my piece :)

Also I just put the finishing touches on my canvas /vintage pins project as seen in my previous post from an article in Better Homes & Gardens mag. I added my own personal touches to the original instructions: a watercolor wash around the pins and a mock jewelry rack to display them. I'm still debating on how I want to hang this, I thought of mounting it into an empty white-washed frame as it's quite sturdy being canvas covered board, but I also love the idea of a soft cream or pink ribbon to hang it with - maybe I'll do both!

For mounting the pins themselves I pierced the canvas and slid the pins in then closed them up to secure (you could also use E-6000 glue to mount the pins if they weren't vintage/pricey for a more permanent hold) Behind the piece is a swatch of some wonderful fabric from a stash that I've had for some time but recently rediscovered!! :D

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