Wednesday, January 31, 2007

EDM #10 - draw your hand

Continued work with the structured block-in method, I like the discipline it involves and hope that with more practice it will be easier and more natural to work like this (old habits die hard!).

All the great painters were also superb draftsmen who employed the concept of breaking subjects down to shapes & stacking them together like building blocks. It's also training your eyes to draw what they see as opposed to what they know - we all have embedded symbols of objects into our brains but when we try to draw one sitting in front of us, our eyes want to retrieve that image from our *file* and draw that, and that's where the resistance comes in. Once I pass the resistance stage, I thoroughly embrace that shift into right-brain mode, it's such a wonderful zen-like zone to be in! I believe we all have inventive, intuitive, imaginative powers that we can tap into when we're *there*.

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